Desktop app distribution, simplified

Introducing Conveyor

Build self-updating desktop app packages in minutes. Deploy to every OS from any OS. Platform native formats, fully signed and notarized.

Electron, Flutter, JVM and native.

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Making distribution easy for robotics, GIS, adtech and more

Electron made simple

  • No special servers or code changes needed
  • Use platform native updaters, not Squirrel
  • Efficient delta updates
  • Package, sign and ship from any Linux CI
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Flutter integration

  • Quick-start tutorial
  • Read config from your pubspec.yaml
  • Bundles Windows VC++ DLLs for you
  • Replaces default Flutter icons with your own
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Deep JVM support

  • Integrated support for Jetpack Compose, JavaFX and CLI apps
  • Optimized JVMs with jdeps and jlink
  • Gradle and Maven integration
  • JAR optimization and native code signing
  • Binary launchers with useful features
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Your Mac app will Sparkle

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Ultra-fast Windows installs

  • One click install and launch
  • Release via the Microsoft Store or a website
  • Fast delta updates
  • Reuses already downloaded runtime files
  • Easily deployed by network admins
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Cross-build packages locally

  • Build/sign/notarize from any OS
  • Simple but powerful config syntax
  • Integrates with your build systems
  • Incremental and parallel builds
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Multiple update styles

  • Chrome style background updates
  • Or web style update-on-launch
  • No code changes or special servers required
  • Windows apps update even when not running

Meet enterprise requirements

  • Upload to in-house signing servers.
  • Provide custom signing scripts.
  • Bundle custom TLS root certificates.
  • Integrate with enterprise security infrastructure.

What our users say

Conveyor was the perfect solution for our needs of distributing self-updating desktop apps. The support we received was prompt and reliable.

Thomas Aaeng

Developer, FeltGIS

Conveyor is the first packaging and signing solution that we actually found pleasant to use! We use it for many robotics applications, from simple CLI tools to complex GUIs.

Florian Enner

Cofounder, HEBI Robotics

I’ve been trying to launch this Electron app for ages, and your software made it blessedly easy.

Jordan LaPointe

Open source developer

I'm pretty impressed with how easy the process has been. Had to learn a few new things, but not nearly as much as I would've had to learn to do it all myself. Really does feel like a big step forward for my app development.



I've enjoyed working with Conveyor more than I thought I would. Using it becomes a no-brainer once you start to deal with the complexities of shipping a desktop application with a VM.


Cofounder, AdCentral

The most astonishing part? When I messed up, every single time it gave me a simple English description of the problem and a simple English suggestion of a solution.

Geepaw Hill

Software development coach

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