Conveyor is free for open source projects.
A standard subscription costs about one hour of wages for a software engineer per month.
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Open source


Any project released under an OSI-approved license can use Conveyor gratis.


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$45 / month

Three apps included.
Support via email and chat.

Charged yearly
Excludes VAT

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Unlimited projects.
Full source code access.
Modify as you see fit for private usage.
Option to bundle as part of a SaaS offering.


How do I purchase?

Just start building. Packages that update from localhost are free. Once you set your update site URL to a non-localhost address you'll be issued with license keys and a link to pay at. This lets you experiment and work in parallel to payments being made.

How quickly does it pay off?

If Conveyor lets you avoid ~1.5 working days of effort vs using the alternatives then it is break even for you. We think it'll save you a lot more time than that over the lifetime of your product, especially if you hit problems and need to call on us for support. This is especially true when considering the opportunity cost of things you could have been doing instead of mucking around with packaging scripts.

(calculation: average hourly rate in the USA = $35 * 8 hour day * 2 for full cost loading = $560)

What's the definition of an app?

Conveyor defines an app as a stream of software updates distributed from a single repository/download site URL. Because the packages for each platform are distributed from the same download site, an app that supports Windows/Mac/Linux is counted as one app. However different streams of updates (e.g. main/beta/canary) require different sites and therefore are counted as separate apps.

Got more questions?

No problem, email or use the contact form below.